Abracadabra instead of blah-blah palaver

Success leads to a good mood – and a good mood leads to success. Those who book me get both: A motivating presentation full of valuable content and a performance full of bombshells. I perform magic, sing, dance and give my all for my audience, making the place rock. The best thing about that: The content sticks.

My presentations fit any situation: As an ice-breaker at the start of a conference, a grand finale at the blue hour or the main act when it comes to strategy and corporate objectives. They can stand on their own as a highlight or be included in a seminar or training program.

My most popular presentations are:

  • Have a vision! What is my life like and how should my company fit in with that?
  • Kick ass and go! Give yourself the kick and get started in your new business life
  • You do not want a million! All the things you can achieve with the right goals
  • The Störtebeker Principle Build up companies that can run on their own