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About Stephan

First put the pedal to the metal. Then enjoy.

I had a vision early in life: I wanted to have children – and above all, have time for them. Does that sound banal? It is. But because I knew what I wanted, I was able to orient myself to that – and my business, too.

One thing was clear: I had to put the pedal to the metal to resolutely build up something for myself. It is only once the business is running that you become master of your time. You can enjoy what you have achieved. You can choose where to invest your time: In developing yourself, corporate strategy – or just having time off. Today I spend around 25 hours a week working in the company. My vision has become reality.

What is fun, is inspiring. My passion for music began when I was 8 when I got my first keyboard – I established a career early on as a musician that brought in weddings, town festivals and concerts. When I was 18, I founded a sound and lighting rental business with a friend. My passion for magic today forms the basis of a captivating stage performance. It always seemed logical to me: Fun plus work equals success.

Think positively – be resolute

When I bought and set up my first tax office, that wasn’t enough. I had to give everything: 100-hour workweeks were the norm and I invested much more money than I had.

But four years later when my daughter was born, I was working just two hours a day. The same as when my son arrived later. I had time – for my family, for music, for magic.

How did that happen? On the one hand, I had created solid standards and on the other hand, uniqueness. The business was running, I didn’t have to be there.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want to inspire you. I am anything but a wunderkind. But I knew what I wanted in life – and the rest just followed.

I am thoroughly convinced that everyone can reach their audience. That everyone can find a way that in retrospect is quite simple. That at some point you can relax again. If you have success, then you have time to enjoy your happiness.